Shapes Art

ShapesArt is geometric shapes that come together in a beautiful symphony of colors and arrangement. Each ShapesArt is a unique combination of shapes with various characteristics. There are also special traits that magically transform one shape art into a splash and slash art which gives the NFT owner two distinct arts in one frame.

How to mint?

    Once the sales are active, you can mint from this website or via the contract
    Step 1
    You'll need a wallet to mint. Currently Metamask is supported.
    Step 2
    Once your wallet is connected, choose the number of tokens you want to mint
    Step 3
    Hit the mint button and own your onchain art forever

What do you mean by on-chain generative NFT?

NFT is a token on blockchain for digital art. While the token lives on the blockchain, the digital art can be hosted anywhere on the internet like on a website, on distributed storage like IPFS. This leads to risks when the website hosting the digital art goes down leading to concerns on digital art’s longevity.
What’s better?

The gold standard of storing digital art is : put the art itself on the blockchain. This is called “on chain NFT.” It offers the best longevity assurance and art will survive as long as the blockchain. On chain NFT’s is practically possible only for art which can be fit in a small file size. It is a cool, niche area requiring contract sorcery to generate art on blockchain.